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Team of experts

The Faces of Mama Bev's

What is our team like?

Family. Friends. Passion for butter-filled food. Excitement over a new flavor. Leaving early to pick up the kids. Giving back because we care. Building a community based bakery that is ready to change the world one cake at a time.

We love connecting with people: over coffee, butter cake, or a friendly phone call. We care about our company and want to see this homegrown operation succeed. We love the warmth and genuineness of our coworkers.

We'd like you to feel comfortable reaching out to any one of us with questions about our company or product. While we each have our areas of expertise, Mama Bev's means a great deal to all of us, and any one would be happy to share.


Gary and Kristy Plassmeyer

Gary is the son of Mama Bev and heart and soul behind the brand. He has co-founded multiple restaurants, including the local 9th Slice Pizza. He previously founded Thermonator Holdings, LLC, revolutionizing food delivery.

Kristy graduated with a degree in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship. She is very supportive of Gary's enterprising spirit, especially when it's a business involving the decadent St. Louis Butter Cake. She is a full-time real estate broker for a local Wisconsin agency.

The Plassmeyers believe in family, food, the power of second chances, and that all things are possible through faith and hard work.


Andy Baer

Andy is an entrepreneur who has helped organize several companies to get them on their feet and moving in the right direction. He previously founded a storage company, which he owns and operates in Wisconsin.

Chief Operating Officer

Alycia Pogreba

A restaurant business veteran, Alycia not only oversees our day to day operations, she is also our flavor connoisseur.  She has developed the flavor profile for the variations that make Mama Bev's St. Louis Butter Cake so versatile.

After making sure Mama Bev's is running smoothly, she loves to spend time with her son, craft, and create custom tumblers.

Chief Development Officer

Jim Cain

Jim brings 33 years in the food industry in product development, innovation, and team building at Del Monte, Campbell Soup, Kraft, and ADM. He recently accepted leading Mama Bev's as his full-time role.

Catapult Commercialization

Jamie Valenti-Jordan

CEO of Catapult Commercialization Services, Jamie guides the team through the commercialization process, including scale up, contract manufacturing, and operations management to the team.

In his spare time, he likes DnD, skiing, and attending Renaissance festivals with his wife and son.

Marketing Director

Melissa Garcia

Melissa oversees the social and marketing aspects for Mama Bev’s Bakery.  Her main goal is to get a piece of our delicious St. Louis Butter Cake into every home.  She knows that this is a dessert that should not be kept from the world!
    After an exciting day of shouting from the roof tops, "You HAVE to try this cake!", she takes care of her family and small zoo in Minnesota. Melissa has pets with fur, shells, scales, and even quills. She also loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and ideas.

Business Management

Lisa Tremper

Lisa comes to us after being a middle school math teacher for 13 years. She is excited to start a new journey with Mama Bev’s Bakery.

Lisa lives with her loving husband, adorable daughter, and their crazy dog. In her free time, Lisa likes to scrapbook and live life to it's fullest.  


Beverly Plassmeyer

Where would we be without Mama Bev herself? Selfless and loving, and a darn good baker, to boot.

We love you, mama.