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Add Mama Bev’s St. Louis Butter Cake to Your Menu

Ready to make your dessert menu a bit sweeter?


As restaurant owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have the right desserts on your menu.

We started Mama Bev’s Bakery because our St. Louis Butter Cake was flying off the menu at our restaurants. We had customers dining with us just so they could have a piece of that cake. Some regular customers drove 30 minutes over from neighboring towns to finish their meal with St. Louis Butter Cake. It’s that good!

Take it from us, you don’t go want to go another day only having the usual suspects on your dessert list.

Let’s Get
The Conversation Started…

With St. Louis Butter Cake on the menu, you will:

Stand out from your competition.

It’s hard to find St. Louis Butter Cake on restaurant menus. While most of your customers likely haven’t heard of it yet, once they try it, they’ll immediately want to share.

Drive profitable dessert sales.

Our wholesale pricing leaves plenty of room for you to pocket a healthy gross margin. Plus, because it ships fully baked and frozen, it requires very little labor to prepare. All you have to do is thaw and serve.

Have unlimited ways to customize.

We offer 12 flavors that you can customize with toppings, sauces, and garnishes to create your own signature dish.

Wholesale Size St Louis Butter Cake Specs

  • Wholesale cake is 18” x 12”.
  • Each cake is 51 oz: 17 servings of 3 oz each.

Shipping and Storage Specs

  • All cakes ship frozen
  • Cakes can be stored frozen for six months,
  • Cakes can be kept refrigerated for thirty days, or
  • Cakes can be kept at room temperature for one week.

St. Louis Butter Cake Flavors Available