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St. Louis Butter Cake

Commonly referred to as “ooey gooey buttercake”, this dessert is a wonderful combination of taste and texture. A two-layer dessert that combines the best features of cheesecake and white cake.

The Story of St. Louis Butter Cake

A classic St. Louis dessert created out of the happiest of accidents in the 1930's.  A baker mixed up the ratio of flour and butter which led to a fluffy cake topped with a rich, buttery, custard like layer.  It's sweet, dense, and darn near addictive! 

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Our Mama Bev

The original Mama Bev had seven kids, and became the adopted mother to many of the neighborhood kids growing up. Whenever dinner was ready, there was always room at our table for one more kid as we all scooted together down the bench seats. Everyone was family, and Mama Bev was the anchor that stayed steady through the storm. And if we were lucky, we shared St. Louis butter cake for dessert.

Today, Mama Bev’s Bakery brings the goodness of this quintessentially Midwestern dessert and a taste of home to the tables of families and restaurants around the country.

Mama Bev’s St. Louis Butter Cake

You haven’t tasted anything like Mama Bev’s St. Louis Butter Cake.

With layers of cake batter, cream cheese, and a variety of seasonal mix-ins and toppings, our St. Louis Butter Cake delivers home-cooked flavors and lots of love in an undeniably indulgent dessert.

From Our Kitchen To Your Table

Here at Mama Bev’s we care not only about the rich heritage and delicious flavor of our St. Louis butter cakes, but also about minimizing barriers for both our individual consumer orders as well as our restaurateur clients.

Through endless variation, quality ingredients, and streamlined logistics, our kitchen brings goodness to your table.

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